The Project is a contemporary Christian band from Bowie, MD, USA. They are a ministry arm of Building Hope Ministries and are now entering into their tenth year, having begun in March 2007. This team of musicians places God first and music second, and in doing so, has raised funds to assist the church in the nations of India, Nepal, and Nicaragua as well as their home town of Bowie, MD and other neighboring cities and states.

In India, The Project assists with the completion of churches, helping children with HIV/AIDS so they may have nutritious meals, and funding for wells so others may have clean drinking water. On a local level The Project assists with food banks, education needs, the homeless, and more.

The Project’s first CD, “Building Hope”, was released in 2008 and includes the following songs: You Are the Lord, There Is A Fountain/Amazing Grace, We Pray, You Are My Life, Yesaiah, Sunrise, and In Your Presence. Proceeds from this CD were used to purchase land in India where a future church would later be built. All songs on this collection are originals with the exception of one, which is public domain.

Their second release, “Arise!”, was completed in the first quarter of 2016 and consists of the following songs: Arise!, Dancing with Angels, In the Middle of the Night, and I Am A Child of God. All songs are originals and are written by members of The Project team. Some songs are directly from Scripture, while others provide stories that reflect their confidence and dependency on Almighty God.

Musically, The Project’s writing and playing styles have been influenced by numerous bands over a forty-year span. Vocally, they combine interesting harmonies and interweaving parts. Collectively, they have developed a signature sound we trust you will enjoy!