My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 25:40 because Jesus has called us to serve those in need as Jesus Himself came to serve mankind.

I’m part of The Project because it is a service-based band that raises funds for those in need. We don’t keep any profits, but enjoy the blessings from God for our service to those we serve.

My musical influence started early in my life when I was about 12 or 13 years old and saw the Jackson 5. I remember thinking, “It would be so cool to be in a band like that!” Prince is also one of my musical influences, and I have sometimes even dressed like him in the past. I did play in a band for a few years during and after high school, but never thought I would be where I am today┬áserving God as a member of “The Seeds” and now “The Project”, and for all the right reasons.

I am also a Fitness Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist and worked for about 10 years as a Trainer. I enjoy working out and┬áteaching fitness, and I believe it’s part of my calling as God has blessed me with vibrant health as I strive to try to share with others the value of good health. I was fascinated with Hercules as a young child and wanted to look like him.