IMG_3178Acoustic and electric guitars

Considering today’s fast-paced world of 5-second soundbites, my favorite verse is John 3:16, the soundbite for the Bible.  It’s the whole Gospel summarized in one sentence. In that one verse, short enough to be a tweet, we learn about God (that He loves), who He loves (the world… all of us), what He did for us (gave – not sent, gave, as a sacrifice – His only Son Jesus Christ), why He did it (so that we would believe), and what’s at stake for us (eternal life).

My musical influences are Gilmour, Knopfler, and Clapton in addition to some lesser known bands like Sister Hazel and Moe. Genre wise, I have a very definite “classic rock” influence, although lately I’ve had some country slipping out in my playing. Still trying to figure out where that came from…On the Christian music side, my influences are Chris Tomlin for his songwriting, Casting Crowns for the vocal harmonies, and Lincoln Brewster for guitar.

What I listen to is pretty varied. Ask again in 2 years, or ask me from 2 years ago. and you’d likely get completely different lists.